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Commanders Corner

April 8, 2020

Greetings Legion Family members!

Nominations are for the upcoming Post elections are now closed. Thank you so much to those who put their names forward! The positions up for election and the nominees for those positions are as follows:

Adam Seamans
Chuck Munson

1st Vice:
Mike Hewitt

2nd Vice:
Andy Keller

Finance Officer:
Dave Kain

Executive Board:
Don Rhodes
Travis Rudolph
Linn Laage

Clair Brenna
Chuck Munson
Don Rhodes

Holding Corporation:
Mark Barthel
Scott Garrett

Thanks again to all those who put their names forward. 

Given the situation surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak and the uncertainty it brings, the Executive Board has decided to delay the election until May 26th. This may be subject to further delay as developments arise.

Thank you, everyone, for your hard work and your continued patience.

Semper Fi,
Adam Seamans
Commander, Post 435


March 16, 2020

Hello all!

Given the recent action taken by Pres. Trump and Gov. Walz to combat the spread of COVID-19, I am taking action as Post Commander to close Post 435 to all activities starting tonight at 9pm CST. This closure will be in effect for a period of two weeks. In order to secure Post 435 property, I further declare that all access to Post 435 buildings cease unless otherwise approved by me.

Further, as of now, the Post 435 Executive Board and General Membership meetings scheduled for March 31st are hereby canceled. Work will begin to reschedule these meetings at a later date.

Semper Fi,
Adam Seamans
Commander Post 435


February 11, 2020

Fellow members of Post 435, along with our friends and family,

I wanted to reach out and give everyone an update on Post 435 matters. In late January 2020, club operations (our bar/restaurant) were closed to prevent imminent financial insolvency. Post 435 itself remains open to its members.

At the last general membership meeting of Post 435, the formation of an Exploratory Committee was authorized by the membership. This committee was tasked to research all feasible options available to the Post to continue club operations, while also considering the future of Post 435. The members of this committee included our Holding Corporation president, a post member who is also a business owner, as well as our future gambling manager.

This committee reviewed financial data as well as possible scenarios related to both Post and Club operations. Among the topics discussed/reviewed were:

- The current financial situation of the Post

- The feasibility of continued club operations

- Membership participation

- Legion Family participation (SAL, Auxiliary, Gun Club, etc…)

Relevant financial and operations information has been assembled and is ready for a presentation from our Exploratory Committee to our Post members and our Legion family members. On Feb 25th, when our general membership has its next meeting, this information will be presented and discussed. The meeting will start at 7:00 pm. On hand will be subject matter experts, to include our CPA and a restaurant industry expert. These experts will help everyone understand the information presented. They will also give their input/observations/recommendations as to how to act on this information. The general membership of Post 435 will then decide on a path forward. It is vital we have member participation and input for this path. Members, please plan on attending this meeting. Please reach out to any of your fellow members who you know do not have access to social media. Get the word out regarding this meeting. WE NEED YOU ALL!

Because of the serious nature of the situation our Post finds itself in, I am opening the meeting to our Legion family members. Members of the SAL, Auxiliary, Riders, and Gun Club are invited to attend and hear what the general membership is hearing. I am also opening the meeting to our 2020 staff members to be present to hear what is being. I know many of you are just as invested in the survival of Post 435 as its members.

Please be aware the date of this meeting may change based on scheduling considerations from our subject matter experts.

I, along with dedicated members of our Post, are making every effort to re-open the club to the public. There are many complicated factors to understand that go along with this effort. It is vital we as a Post get this right as we are, essentially, out of 2nd chances.

In closing, I want to express my appreciation and gratitude for the patience and support from all stakeholders during this difficult time. This is Post members, Legion family members, vendors, community partners, along with our friends and family. I am fully aware of how difficult this situation been for everyone involved.

Thanks, and I look forward to seeing you all on Feb 25th.

Semper Fidelis,

Adam Seamans

Commander, Post 435