Minneapolis/Richfield Post 435


One of the core values of being part of the American Legion Family is Volunteerism. Everything about who we are relates back to volunteering. From volunteering to help with fundraising money for causes, helping a veteran, their family,  or a family in our community volunteering counts towards making a difference. And as Sons of the American Legion, proud possessors of a priceless heritage, we continue to strive to make a difference.

The core way we report that is a yearly Consolidated Squadron Report (CSR). This report details our donations and volunteer hours for the prior administrative year. It is submitted to our state-level organization (Detachment) who then shares that with National organization. This information is then shared with the American Legion Family and used to stress to Congress the work and good deeds we do as an American Legion Family. 

If you are a member of Squad 435, and wish to add to the list of what we as an organization has done, please feel free to email us at sal@mnlegion435.org, and include your name, contact information, what you did, how much did you donate, and who it benefited. We will work on getting it recorded. 


2019 - 2020 Consolidated Squadron Report (CSR)

2020- 2021 Consolidated Squadron Report (CSR)