Minneapolis/Richfield Post 435


Per Article VI, Section 3, Sub 6, The Commander shall appoint, with the approval of the Executive Committee, an Honors and Awards Committee consisting of four members, two to be appointed each year for two-year terms. The Honor and Awards Committee responsibility is to review members who are prospective candidates for an award as designated in the Constitution of Minneapolis-Richfield American Legion Post 435. 

There are 5 awards available to be awarded to a prospective candidate who has performed duties as a Post member with dedication, ability, and success beyond that which is generally accepted. 

If no prospective candidate are nominated, or if no one meets those requirements, no awards are given. The available awards are: 

  1. Honorary Life Member – Awarded only for exceptionally able and dedicated service to the Post over the course of at least two years.
  2. Virgil Grenhagen Award – For outstanding membership work on behalf of the Post.
  3. Stanley Alpaugh Award – Outstanding “All Around Activities” on behalf of the Post.
  4. Earl Beaver Award – Outstanding work in promoting “Americanism” in Legion-sponsored activities.
  5. Leslie Shaffer Award – Outstanding community services work by a Veteran.

If you have any information on who was given awards previously, or have pictures of the person, event or plague, please contact us at mnlegion435@gmail.com