Minneapolis/Richfield Post 435


Stanley Alpaugh Award 

Outstanding “All Around Activities” on behalf of the Post.

Previous Winners (in no particular order. If you know the year they were awarded this honor, please email us with the information. Pictures would also be great! mnlegion435@gmail.com. )

First Name Last Name Year Awarded
Richard  Angliem  
Willard Bandow 1983
Merv  Becker  
Glenn Champlin 1989
Andy Constans 1995
Jim  Daly 1991
Ray Earls 1986
George Evans 1973
Russ Fossen 1980
Burdean Fremming 1972
Myron Gunderson 1970
Peggy Hanson  
Lee Hathaway 1984
Marv Hiskey 1992
Clint Johnson  
Bob Kiehl 1993
Ed  Larson 1979
Art Munson 1988
Jim Munson 1990
Larry Myhr 1982
Stubbs Omlie 1981
Richard "Dick" Popehn 1971
Ed  Salk 1978
Ted Stage 1975
Joe Stewart 1985
Billy Stone 1994
Milburn Swenson 1977
Bill Tolle 1974
Carroll  Vogt 1987
Don Vogtman  
Ed Vrchota 1976